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How to assemble our products ?

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Here are some tips to easily hang our lanterns.

Also you don't to be an expert to assemble most of our products (you only need two hands), but here are detailed instructions for our paper pompoms and Love balloons

How to hang our paper lanterns

How to fluff paper pompoms

How to hang our star lanterns and polar stars

How to inflate LOVE oversized balloons kits

Under The Paper Lantern (« Sous Le Lampion » in French) is an authentic paper decorations line, launched in France in 2012 by Parisian-born Alix Abelé, (mother of Harold, Charles and Félicie).  Her expertise in the wedding and lifestyle market easily translated to designing colorful paper décor that was trendy and would add style and color to events and the home. 

With a full range of hand-selected colors to complement the palettes for weddings, baby showers and other celebrations, her designer paper lanterns will enhance the look of any event and will add style to home décor.  Her designer paper lanterns and paper wall decorations are now a staple of any modern nursery.

Alix’s unwavering style shines through as she brings fresh colors and trends from runway to lantern each season. Under the Paper Lantern is a pure player in the market specializing only in paper décor resulting in high quality, in demand products. Another market differentiator is the commitment to have lanterns manufactured only in organized and spotless facilities with good working conditions and consistent monitoring. 

Each and every order is treated with care and shipped from France to your door lickety-split. Feel free to contact us for information or quote request!


 alix abelé lepeytre

pink and white wall decor for nursery with Under The Paper Lantern

pink and white paper flowers wall decor for nursery | Under The Paper Lantern

pink and grey paper lanterns wall decor for nursery decor | Under The Paper Lantern

pink paper lanterns wall decor for baby shower and nursery | Under The Paper Lantern


Hanging your lanterns inside your home

You are many eager to know how to create a beautiful paper lanterns cluster to decorate a bedroom, a living room or any space of your home.
It is actually really easy! You just need to choose a range of colors you like, a small hook and some string.

Most of the time, we use a picture hook that nails into the wall. You can then hang the lanterns at different heights using fishing line or ribbons. For a bigger bunch of lanterns, we recommend you use two hooks placed a few inches apart.
You can also use self-adhesive hooks from which you can easily hang 5 to 6 small to medium sized lanterns. The advantage to adhesive hooks is that they can be removed without leaving marks. 
If you want to hang lanterns from the ceiling, the best option is a hook screwed into the ceiling, but you can also use a self-adhesive ceiling hook (for weights less than 1 pound) specially made to easily hang decorations. 
All self-adhesive hooks can be found in your local hardware store or online.

You can also use our Under The Paper Lantern hanging kit to hang a set of paper lanterns on the wall

Hanging your paper lanterns in a party venue

To temporarily hang lanterns (in a party venue or other rental), we recommend you use fishing line or ribbon to hang your lanterns to the ceiling's structure. You can also create a "net" to hang your lanterns from on your venue's ceiling by tying several lengths of string to the room structure (a windows, details of the ceiling, tent's poles etc). According to the type of venue and what you would like to have, you can scatter your paper decorations all over the ceiling or organize them in several clusters at various points of the ceiling (ie. over the bride and groom table or a dessert buffet).

If you want to hang lanterns all over your venue ceiling, we recommend 1 to 2 lanterns or other decorations for every 3m2 (32 square feet of space). You can then adjust to what you feel is right for your event and your budget. You can also draw your venue space with its main features (tables, dancefloor etc) and draw a little circle wheverever you want a lantern. This will give you an idea of how many lanterns you would like to have.

You can also string a very fine twine along the center fold of your wedding tent, mix and match color forms that suit your wedding best. Each piece has a small hook for paper lanterns or a small string attaching the honeycomb ball and paper fan. That way it's super easy to hang them from the central twine. 
We show you a lot of inspiring pictures here >>> 



Make sure to proceed with care as our products are very fragile....  
Watch the below video to learn how to fluff a pompom in a few minutes !



We send you the folded products to ensure their transport without risk of damaging them. The stars are very fragile, they must be handled with care and "train" the star by sliding his hands in each branch before fixing the lantern with the fastener.
Click on the video below for a user manual in minutes !


love balloon

Lanterne mariage: la bonne idée pour décorer un plafond (C) Marlen Mieth

Lanterne mariage: thème bleu et bord de mer (C) M&Vous Wedding / Le Petit Photographe

Lanterne mariage: ciel rose et blanc

Lanterne mariage: ciel blanc (C) Sébastien Hubner

Ballons LOVE pour décorer une salle de mariage (C) Studio LM

Lanterne mariage: une composition colorée pour décorer une table (C) Pedro Bellido / Nabie Productions

Lanterne mariage pour décoration de tente  Lanterne mariage: décor de table des mariés (C) Pedro Bellido / Nabie Productions

Lanterne mariage pour décorer une salle des fêtes  Lanterne mariage: décoration de plafond (C) Elodie Deceuninck  

 Lanterne mariage pour déco de salle Lanterne mariage pour déco de tente (C) Instant for Life / MG Evènements

Lanterne mariage et lampion pour déco de plafond  Lanterne mariage pour déco de tente (C) Frieda Theres - Ulrike Pien / MG Evènements

Lanterne mariage pour décoration de tente  Lanterne mariage pour décor de jardin (C) Nicolas Bellon / MG Evènements - Studio LM

 Lanterne mariage pour déco de salle Le mariage de Justine et Rémi

Lanterne mariage couleurs pour déco de table des mariés (C) Maison Pestea / Nabie dit Oui

Lanterne mariage et déco buffet(C) Cybèle Desnarnaut

Lanterne mariage: une guirlande déco (C) Elodie Deceuninck 

Lanterne mariage en couleur (C) Acacia Piks / Majenia

Lanterne mariage pour déco plafond (C) Studio LM


Les décors coups-de-coeur de nos clients sur Instagram (Todd EventsGather Events, Steph Musur)

Lanterne mariage guirlande déco lanterne mariage pour déco plafond

Lanterne mariage pour guirlande déco lanterne mariage rose pour décoration de réception

lanterne mariage pour ciel déco